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"Membership in the Divorce & Family Law Section is open to all MBA members in good standing. Section dues are $20 annually. To join this section, check the appropriate box on the membership application/dues statement and send with a check (made payable to the MBA) or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) information."

Brief Description of Section:

"The Divorce & Family Law Section provides valuable programming, information, and services to its members. Issues that have been discussed frequently are: 1) the advisability and/or possibility of having a Family Law Court in Shelby County; 2) Juvenile Court and how family law practitioners can work with the court on a more effective, cooperative, and informed basis; 3) the pros and cons of domestic violence court; and 4) when and how to use guardians and attorneys ad item. Several section members have been, and continue to be, involved in legislation, such as the "move away" bill and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The section provides an update every year on cases and legislation affecting family law practice in Memphis. Section officers encourage members to keep them informed of their needs, interests, and concerns, so they can provide the most services for your membership dollar."


The latest bills that have been filed with the General Assembly this Session. Please write your legislator as to whether you support or oppose each bill.

SB 1694- suspends the current child support guidelines and reinstates the old guidelines.
Note: DHS is opposing this bill and they want to set up an advisory committee to study the current guidelines. Please tell your legislators about the problems with the current guidelines, what expenses are involved, and whether this advisory committee will really be effective to change the current economic model, adds on for extracurricular activities, etc.

SB 1759-deletes that portion of the Protective Parent Reform Act that requires GAL in divorce and custody cases to adhere to Supreme Court Rule 40.

SB 0702-deletes that portion of the protective order that allows courts to grant petitioner possession of the home, evict a respondent, direct respondent to find suitable housing for petitioner, award temporary custody of the children and award temporary support.

SB 1808-requires the court to order equal parenting time when the parties disagree with parenting plans.

SB 0628- prohibits a court to designate one parent as primary custodial parent or primary residential parent when joint custody is awarded.

SB 0033-requires lawyers to state in their retainer agreement with client their good faith estimate of the charges that party is likely to incur and failure to provide this information may be grounds for discipline of the attorney.

SB 1924-denies a homosexual person the right to be a foster parent.

SB 1930-denies a person who is a homosexual the right to adopt.

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